“ME-TIME” at MACAU 2014


It was indeed a stressful quarter for me, but there’s a sense of fulfillment each and every time i accomplished something. I planned a trip for my first out-of-the-country trip this year  (2014), and booked a ticket to Macau 1st or 2nd week of January.

I know you’ll be asking, “Macau, again????” for the nth time?? come on!!! ” 

I don’t know if you’ll understand my feelings, the urge to travel somewhere, to be a complete stranger to everybody, to eat your very own ice cream while walking along the busy streets. oh! how good life is! How thankful I am to have a job i love and to travel!

Going back, to answer your question , “Why the hell in Macau again?”  , My answer is because Macau is one of my favorite place to go to, to relieve every stress-fiber in my body.  To be able to feel…

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Doctors confirm: Use of flesh-eating opioid drug krokodil is spreading in U.S.

Doctors confirm: Use of flesh-eating opioid drug krokodil is spreading in U.S. (via Raw Story )

It’s official: Krokodil has reached the United States, and doctors say it’s posing a real threat. The extremely addictive, injectable opioid is made by mixing codeine with some combination of gasoline, paint thinner, iodine, kitchen and bathroom…

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Google Announces More Child Porn Blocking Efforts

Image representing Eric Schmidt as depicted in...

Image via CrunchBase

Google Announces More Child Porn Blocking Efforts While David Cameron Offers To Throw The GCHQ At The Problem (via Techdirt)

Over the weekend, Google Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt wrote an editorial touting the search engine’s “new” efforts to battle child porn. It appeared in, of all places, the Daily Mail, presumably so the paper could write a self-congratulatory piece…

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27 Albert Einstein Quotes

27 Albert Einstein Quotes.

  1. No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.