SLC,The Iron Gate ,Nepal\SLC
 Congratulations to all the SLC appeared students who have passed with flying colours … Best of Luck for upcoming college life ….

    SLC ( School Leaving Certificate ) considered as Iron Gate in school level education of Nepal has gain great popularity over the year. Every parents want their children to perform great and get a distinction level marks in SLC. The whole schooling carrer is decided by SLC in Class 10 … Not so Fair , Is it ???
     There has been much talks to remove the SLC system from 2067 when I gave SLC but still now the system is running .Seeing the level of result degrade it better to remove SLC. However this also show that parents,teacher mostly are being careless about their education …. With the advancement in technology and science student recently visit their Facebook but are afraid to Face their BOOKS 😛 
      Only 41.57 per cent of the total number of examinees have made it through what is still called by many the Iron Gate, which is down by 6 percentage points compared to last year. In 2012, 47.16 percent of the examinees had passed the SLC exams. Of the total of 403,936 students who appeared in this year´s SLC under the regular quota, only 167,935 succeeded, including 16,942 passing with distinction marks (above 80 per cent). While 76,165 students received first division marks, 69,830 received second division marks. Similarly, only 5,016 students passed with third division marks. 

           According to the Office of the Controller of Examinations (OCE), which published the SLC results on Tuesday, 6,067 examinees dropped out of the exams while 60 examinees were expelled. Similarly, the results of 818 students have been withheld for various reasons. And the exams of 230 students have been cancelled as they submitted their exam forms from two different schools.  

     There has been a system of thinking that if you can pass SLC then you are eligible to do anything so most of the student leave their studies after SLC and join various income generating skills .Need for education can never be fulfilled.We are never satisfied with what we know.. We are curious to know more.So one mustn’t think that if s/he passed SLC then they can easily overcome other obstacles…

    Hope the downtrack of SLC result may rise next year … !


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