The biggest festival in the Hindu Community, Dashain also known as Vijaya Dashain/ Dashera . The festival falls around September–October, starting from the bright lunar fortnight and ending on the day of full moon. Although the festival is being celebrated for 15 day, the most important days are the 1st, 7th, 8th, 9th and the 10th day.The fifteen days of celebration occurs during the bright lunar fortnight ending on the day of the full moon. It is also referred to as Durga Pooja, in some parts of India.On the occasion of Dashain,the goddess Durga in all her manifestations is worshiped with innumerable Poojas, abundant offerings and thousands of animal sacrifices for the ritual of holy bathing, drenching the goddess for days in blood. This festival is also known for its emphasis on the family gatherings, as well as on a renewal of community ties. People return from all parts of the world, as well as different parts of the country, to celebrate together.All government offices, educational institutions and other offices remain closed during the festival period.


           Dashain commemorates the victories of the god and goddesses over the demons. It symbolizes the victory of the good over the evil. Mahishasura , a demon, had created terror in the dev-lok ; the world of gods. All the gods and saints prayed to the Adi-Shakti in order to kill Mahishasura, Goddess came as Durga emerged and killed the demon thus saving everyone from terror.The first nine days of Dashain symbolizes the battle which took place between the different manifestations of goddess Durga and the demon Mahishasura. The tenth day is the day when Durga finally defeated Mahishasura. Goddess Durga is worshipped throughout the country as divine mother goddess.Throughout the festival people pay homage to the various forms of the Supreme Goddess, Durga. The festival is important since it reminds everyone of the universal principles of truth, justice and virtue that must prevail over deception, injus­tice and wickedness. It is believed that if she is worshiped properly and pleased then good luck is bound to happen. However, if the goddess is angered through negligence then misfortunes are said to happen.

         Dashain is the biggest festival for the Hindus. It is the day of falling of demon Mahishasur by goddess Durga.This festival also symbolizes the victory of Rama over Ravana, the characters of the epic Ramayana. The Buddhists remember this day as Emperor Ashoka of the Indian subcontinent abandoned violence on this day and entered the path of Buddhism.In the Kathmandu Valley, among the Newars, the festival is known as “Mohanee”, with slight difference in rituals and significance, thus more than often confused with the Dasain.

   The festive celebration  starts from Ghatasthapana. In this day people take mud and water from the Holy River and put the Jamara in corner of the dark room. The seventh day of Dashain is called Fulpati. Its meaning is sacred flowers and leaves. In this day people take flowers, leaves and sugarcane to Dashain Ghar at Hanuman Dhoka from Gorkha Palace.Afterwards Maha Astami. Hundreds of Buffalo, goats, sheep, chickens and ducks are sacrificed at the Durga Temple at night. Taleju temple is open for the public only on the Astami and Nawami where devotees see blood and dead body of buffalo laying on the ground. The animal owner takes the meat back to their homes for family feasts. The ninth day is known as Maha Nawami, the last day of Nowaratri. People visit temple and worship the Durga. During this day people sacrifice the animals to Durga. On this day mechanical instruments such as tools, vehicles etc receive puja of sacrificed blood to ensure their continued and productive running.The tenth day is called Vijay Dasahmi, the great tenth day of victory. On the occasion of vijaya Dashain all Hindus pay visit to their elders for Tika and jamara blessing kade of vermilion power, rice and milk curd. The elder bless the younger with Jamara, planted on Ghatasthapana, which asks for the well-being of the younger.  


The once in a year celebration of the greatest festival is not complete without alcoholic drink and playing cards. People play swing and fly kite to show their excitement.There has been a culture of wearing new clothes and sharing happiness forgetting all the feeling of enemy that has remained in the past days.

   However there are people who are unable to celebrate this festival and are suffering from economic crisis.If you can help, do help them out . May Goddess Durga fill your life with all happiness and virtue. May your life be full of peace,prosperity and long life.If you can ,help out the street children and give them a time they would never forget !!! 



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